Network System Solutions

Control = Intelligence
One touch and your entire home is under your command. With hardwired and wireless solutions, you have total control.
With your laptop computer you can control your thermostats, security cameras and even open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world.

Today’s home cannot support tomorrow’s technologies with yesterday's wiring technique.
Your home's wiring is its central nervous system that will deliver family pictures, personalized music, video playlist and downloaded movies to any room in the house.

Want to play a birthday party video in your theater? Want to play it anywhere? No problem. Proper wiring in a home is critical for today's
technology and the future's. Logic One Solutions will wire your home for all foreseeable future needs.

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From new construction to renovations, Logic One Solutions is your answer to home automation.

The Logic One Solutions team is certified and is amongst the best in the industry. Our installation in your home is a reflection of our reputation and success. You can trust that we will create the most reliable system and "real show piece" for your home. We take pride in everything we do and offer the best quality of service and guidance from beginning and through the years going forward.
We offer 12 months of Free Maintenance with any system we install. In addition, onward service contracts are available.
Our customer service is available to answer your questions at our toll-free number (888) 992-9397 or schedule an appointment for one of our certified technicians to go to your home or business.