AV Control

With the abundance of high-quality video displays available on the market today, you get great clarity, detail, reliability...and all in HD and 3D.

"Logic One Solutions can distribute multi-room audio and video making it possible for you to stream music throughout your entire home or watch the latest blockbuster movie in multiple rooms."

Vision Art
Art over technology

Only see the television when you are watching it, otherwise a beautiful piece of artwork will easily slide down to hide the television.

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Theater Products
Space Design
One of the most important and usually overlooked contribution to your system's sound and video quality is your theater's interior design.

Logic One Solutions will advise you on how to design the space, create the best sound potential, and control lighting to eliminate interference with your theater experience.
The Finest in theater seating
Logic One Solutions home theaters come in a multitude of styles.
One-touch control
Your one-touch theater setting will set the perfect movie viewing ambiance by lowering the lights, turning up the volume, lowering the shades, and set the room temperature.

A single remote will control all of your devices.
Digital or Disc
Play what you want whether its Digital Memory, DVR/TIVO, iPod, Flash Drive or DVD.